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Hi! My name is Val Khokhlov. We all are living towards the future, and studying of this future can be accomplished either by determining trends of historical development or by researching zones of proximate development (e.g., the Internet as the model of information society). Yet I consider the change of public conscience in order to succeed the paradigm shift and create the new ideal of human to be more important task. So I proclaim

The Manifest of the New Renaissance

I see the Renaissance-man to be the new ideal's prototype. His most definitive trait is the innate unity of the world of his spirit in pursuit of the beautiful. Creative activity is the exercise of this unity, liberty of oeuvre is the environment. The ideal's key moments are:
  • the new notion of liberty - liberty as nonviolence (being nonviolent towards others and expecting them not to be violent towards oneself)
  • the ideal of breeding: general culture and erudition versus specialism and narrow-mindedness of the common people
  • the ideal of behaving: pursuit of the beautiful, good, nobility versus striving for effectiveness, pragmatism, profit
  • honesty, sincerity, anti-affectation as a counter to hypocrisy of Victorian politeness and Babbitry morals
  • headership of individual over mass, personality over collective, person over community
  • living in a harmony with nature, by adjusting to existing ecosystems instead of transformation and utilizing them

Creative activity is the method of public conscience change for it can arouse interest and make somebody involved. We should begin from easy and small steps, do what we can do, supporting the whole shift in a such way.

Creative potential is the universal criterion of the new society.

Some info 'bout me ;-)

My favorite music is the progressive rock.
I like also hard-rock, jazz-rock, swing, classics.
My favorite bands are Yes and Led Zeppelin.

As for books, I like fantasy most of all.
Certainly, the world of Tolkien.
Besides, I enjoy reading Boulgakov, Joyce, Kerouac, Baudleaire, Blok, Khlebnikov and even Pelevin.

I'm fond of role-playing games, especially AD&D.

And I like sky, sea, stars and to walk Kiev around.