Серия книг "Хроники Дрэгонлэнса", построенная на основе мира Кринна (Krynn), была написана Маргарет Уэйс и Трэйси Хикмэн (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman) в 1984-1985 годах. Мир Кринна был создан для ролевых игр на основе D&D фирмой TSR Inc. (где, кстати, и работают авторы) и взял оттуда многое в качестве основы. И это очень интересно для людей, которые любят ролевые игры, поскольку они могут на примере произведения моделировать фэнтезийные миры своих игр. Кстати, компьютерные rpg по миру Кринна стали классикой жанра crpg. Ниже представлен очень понравившейся мне отрывочек одного из сайтиков, посвященных DragonLance, а с большой картинки с персонажами книги идут ссылочки на персональные странички героев книг.

Подробнее узнать о мире Кринна можно по следующим ссылочкам на страницы справочника (оригинал на www.dragonlance.com, русский перевод на dragonlance.dax.ru):

Расы и народы: англ., рус.

Боги Кринна: англ., рус.

История Кринна: англ., рус.

Магия Кринна: англ.

Города и страны: англ., рус.

Герои Кринна: англ., рус.

Календари Кринна: англ.

Драконы Кринна: рус.

Вот две больших и красивых карты (левая красивее, зато на правой лучше видно надписи):
map #1 map #2

732k [1917x1246]


191k [1575x1000]

Отсюда можно выкачать книги на русском (к сожалению, оригиналов на английском я не нашел):

Хроники DragonLance:

Трилогия легенд:

Второе поколение:

1. Драконы осенних сумерек
2. Драконы зимней ночи
3. Драконы весеннего рассвета


1. Час близнецов
2. Битва близнецов
3. Испытание Близнецов


сборник рассказов
Драконы летнего полдня

А вот как красиво и стильно пишут фанаты DragonLance:

Rowen stepped through the portal with a flash of light. She found herself standing near a large moss covered boulder. A thin worn path marked the passages of hundreds if not thousands of feet. The mountainside below formed one side of a high mountain bowl carpeted in autumn splendor. The houses atop the vallenwood trees appeared as if they were ablaze in the season's colors. To the north, a large sapphire lake sparkled in the setting sun. The air was still and sweet, tinged with the smell of wood smoke from home fires.

There was a faint rustle from the underbrush behind Rowen, then a small figure stood in the path. He wore bright blue leggings that stood out in sharp contrast to his furred vest and plain home spun tunic. His brown eyes glinted with mischief and fun. He dipped his head in a mock bow, allowing a long tassel of brown hair to flip over his nose.

"Greetings! Tasslehoff Burrfoot at your service, madam! You can call me Tas. Isn't she a beauty?" He asked indicating the treetop town below. "That's Solace. If I would settle down anywhere, it would be here. But we mustn't dally, they are waiting." Before Rowen could ask whom the mysterious "they" were, she was pulled by the hand down the path towards town.

They came to a stop underneath the largest tree in the village. A sign out front announced that this was the "Inn of the Last Home". Against the shadow of the vallenwood, the colored panes of the Inn's stained-glass windows glittered brightly. Sounds of life drifted down from the windows. Lanterns, hanging from the tree limbs lit the winding stairway. "Come on!" Tas urged. "You gonna stay there all day?"

Reaching the top of the stairs, Tas flung the door open wide. A wave of light, noises, heat and the smell of spicy potatoes hit them full in the face. Nearly every chair was taken, every table filled. Those who could not find room to sit were standing, talking in low voices. Tas lead her to a table near the fire. Introductions were quickly exchanged.

Sturm Caramon Raistlin Dalamar Silvara Sturm Fizban Flint Caramon Raistlin Tika Laurana Crysiana Dalamar Giltanas Riverwind Laurana Tassle Kitiara Tanis Tanis Kitiara Tassle Flint DragonLance Heroes

"I knew you would come as it was written long ago." The robed figure turned and whispered her name as he slowly pulled the hood off his face. The man's skin was tinge with gold and his eyes...the black pupils were the shape of hourglasses and the irises were gold! He beckoned her to him with a slight gesture of his hand. As she neared, she could feel an unnatural heat coming from his body. The smell of magical components of rose petals and spices assaulted her senses. "When the blue sun arises, She which has two destinies will come..." A small laugh escaped the mage's pale lips as he sneered "Which destiny will you choose, Rowen? Will you return to your world and forget all you've seen, or will you stay here..." "No, Raist!" the giant warrior interrupted. "You know that's not possible!"

"Hush, Caramon!" the mage hissed. To Rowen's surprise, the big man readily complied. "The choice is hers!" Again Raistlin turned towards her, capturing her gaze with his own. "You can go back to the life that was predetermined for you from a God that no longer cares. Or you can stay here with us...join us in our search...and choose your own destiny."

He reached out with one skeletal-like hand and gently touched her fiery red hair. "It's amazing," he continued. "In a world filled with death...it had not touched your face..." Then, as if he suddenly realized what he was doing, he quickly withdrew his hand and walked back to his seat by the fire.

With his presence quickly torn from her, Rowen felt strangely empty. She found herself staring longingly at the back of the robed figure. She would have gone to him if the half-elf didn't suddenly step in and blocked the mage from view.

"Raistlin speaks in riddles. Rowen, we were sent here to help you." The half-elf threw a quick look over his shoulder to the dark form of the mage then continued. "We were told by a dream to meet someone here, someone from the land of the blue sun. Normally, I would ignore such a dream...but it came to all of us and no matter where we turned we ended up here. What do you seek, Rowen?"

For a split second, the room was tinged with the smoky air of anticipation. Rowen slowly surveyed the faces of her new friends. Even though they have just met, it seemed like these heroes have journeyed with her all of her nineteen years. Then why was her choice a difficult one? It would be so easy for her to stay here and continued her journey through life with her new found allies, perhaps solve the mystery of the mage and her strange attraction to him. And yet, the thought of her own world, torn apart, guarded by the hideous blue sun that rose out of nowhere...of the dark mage waiting just on the other side of the portal...waiting to destroy her.

She swallowed the fear that slowly raising from the pit of her stomach, Rowen glanced up to met Tanis' eyes and said....

Copy Right Raye Chinda Dickinson 1998


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